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Over time your car’s engine builds up carbon deposits which affect its performance, reduces fuel economy and increases emissions. TerraClean is a technology which has been specially developed to remove the carbon build up in your cars engine and restoring its efficiency and prolonging the life of many components in your engine.

TerraClean equipment can clean and unblock the cars air intake, EGR valves and DPF removing the need for expensive part replacements.

TerraClean in Shaw, Royton, Oldham
Removing the build up of carbon deposits in your engine can improve your cars MPG by up to 14%.
TerraClean in Shaw, Royton, Oldham
Removing the build up of carbon deposits significantly improves your cars performance and drivability.
TerraClean in Shaw, Royton, Oldham
The unique and advanced TerrClean system removes the carbon deposits reducing your cars emissions.

“Had a treatment on my BMW X3 and now my average MPG has risen to 57.5mpg… Unbelievable, highly recommend!” – Jane



What is TerraClean?

A TerraClean service involves linking your vehicle to our unique equipment which using highly refined fuels and  patented process will remove carbon and other lacquers which build up in your engine.

Can you TerraClean any vehicle?

Yes, we do almost all vehicles. From a Motorcycle, Car, Van, HGV, Bus, Agricultural and Marine engines.

When will my car need its first TerraClean service?

As a general rule we say a car is due a TerraClean after about 15,000 miles. But if most mileage is done about town the service may be better done at a lower mileage, if most mileage is done at motorway speeds then less carbon will have built up and the service will be due at a slightly higher mileage.

How often do I need to have my vehicle TerraCleaned?

We generally say you should have your vehicle TerraCleaned every 15,000 miles.

Can a TerraClean service damage my vehicle?

The simple answer is “no”. A TerraClean service is using a highly refined fuel which can cause no harm to your vehicle or any of its components. A TerraClean service will remove carbon which has built up over time from your vehicle, as well as other contaminents (tars & lacquers) which build up and deteriorate the performance of your vehicle.

Can TerraClean clean my EGR and DPF system?

A standard TerraClean will clean through both the vehicles EGR and DPF if there is airflow through these units. BUT, a standard TerraClean service is not designed to unblock these components. There is another tool and service within the TerraClean range which will clean and unblock DPF and EGR.



A TerraClean service can remove up to 75% of carbon deposits in your engine increasing your MPG by up to 14%


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